Tips for bathrooms in rental properties

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    Bathroom tips for rental properties

    Nothing is likely to be more off-putting to tenants than a grubby, dated, leaky, dark bathroom. On the other hand, a fresh, modern, clean bathroom will make it easier to find tenants and could even increase the rent.

    Think bright, think fresh, think modern.

    Go for large tiles with dark grout on both the walls and floors and the bathroom should never look grubby; buy solid, quality taps and you won’t have to keep replacing them when they break; and buy white sanitary ware that won’t go out of fashion.

    A large mirror will make a bathroom look bigger and brighter, but make sure it’s suitable for a bathroom or it will quickly get nasty brown stains (foxing) around the edges. To reduce condensation, you could put a heat-pad behind the mirror  (they start from less than £30, plus installation), which will also prevent it steaming over.

    An extractor fan is essential if there is no window or the bathroom is quite small, especially if there are multiple tenants. You might need one with a humidity sensor if the bathroom is prone to condensation.

    You can brighten dark rooms by adding spotlights, but make sure they’re suitable for bathrooms.

    For smaller bathrooms, you can buy space-saving toilets and sinks to avoid the room getting too cramped.

    thumb.phpHeated towel rails add a touch of luxury and they will also help reduce condensation by warming the room more thoroughly.

    Cold, draughty bathrooms are off-putting to most tenants so make sure you install adequate heating. Underfloor heating is a good option if you are short of wall space for a radiator or heated towel rail and electric underfloor heating isn’t terrible expensive to install but it is expensive to run, although it’s worth considering in a small bathroom.D

    Don’t forget, all electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.



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