5 surprising rent-boosters

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    5 surprising rent-boosters

    Before you invest in a rental property, consider if it has these 5 rent-boosting factors.

    A Waitrose – or even a Lidl

    Tenants have to eat, right? Most want convenience, so that means proximity to a supermarket is a good thing. Waitrose is the supermarket of choice for many, but the presence of a budget chain like Lidl should increase the rental potential of your property.

    pexels-photo-207658-2Proximity to a good school

    Parents will crawl over hot coals to get their childen into the best schools, so if you have a property close to one with an Outsanding Ofsted-rating, you should have tenants queuing to live there.

    You’ll also be pretty much guaranteed long-term renters because parents often don’t want to move once their children are settled into school.

    Posh street name

    Superficial it might be, but people like to live in somewhere that sounds grand, like King Street or Queen’s Gate. They’re far less keen to have an address that sparks a snigger, such as Minge Lane or The Knob.

    pexels-photo-196852-2A good local

    Proximity to a great pub is actually appealing to many tenants, especially those who have yet to reach their mid-30s. A good boozer with real ale or a gastro-pub with great food are both very appealing, but a ‘Spoons might not be quite so appealing!

    Any number except 13

    People might not admit to being superstitious but there’s a reason many airlines miss out row 13 – passengers just don’t like to sit in a seat they think might be ‘unlucky’ – and they don’t want to live at No.13 either.


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