• You can avoid mould like this

    You can avoid mould like this

    7 ways to avoid mould


    Lots of tenants don’t realise that mould is often due to their own lifestyle and therefore it’s down to them, not the landlord, to sort it out, but adopting some good habits can prevent it altogether – meaning you won’t lose any of your deposit when you move out. Here’s are 7 ways to avoid mould altogether:


    • Make sure the property is warm and ventilated; if it’s cold, you’re more likely to get mould, similarly, if you never open the windows, you’ll get mould.
    • Open curtains and blinds every morning as mould grows in the dark.
    • Don’t push beds, bedding or bags against cold walls as they’ll trap moisture and lead to mould growth.
    • Make sure you get your deposit back, end of tenancy cleaning tips
    • Don’t dry clothes on radiators. If you can’t avoid this, open a window while they’re drying.
    • If you have an extractor fan in the kitchen or bathroom, use it. Make sure it’s clear of fluff or it won’t work properly. Using a fan is better than opening a window to avoid mould.
    • Rinse tiles, grout and sealant after showering to wash away soap, shampoo and other residue that can cause mould to grow. Never leave soap or other products next to sealant if you want to avoid mould.
    • If mould does start to appear, wipe it away immediately with diluted bleach or Dettol Mould & Mildew remover.

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