Decorating a rental property

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    Decorating a rental property

    You can’t go far wrong if you keep everything neutral and by everything we mean walls, floors, fabrics and window dressings.

    If you like, you can add a pop of colour later with some funky furnishings, but only a pop mind, don’t go crazy. Remember that not everyone will appreciate your fabulous taste!


    Go for a tough, scrubbable paint in an off-the-shelf colour that will be readily available when you need to touch up the scuffs.

    White looks good when it’s fresh but will show every mark so before you start stressing over white shade of white to use (or is that just us?), consider light beiges or greys instead. Make a note of the brand and shade in case you need to touch up between tenancies.

    We don’t have a favourite brand of paint, but decorators usually like working with Dulux and Crown and these are among the most affordable. Leyland is “a bit thin” they tell us and you should probably avoid premium brands like Farrow & Ball unless you’re going for a really high spec. Even then, F&B is not ideal as it’s difficult to touch up because the emulsion is best applied with a roller, not a brush.

    If your rooms are looking a bit, well, bland, you could jazz them up with affordable framed posters. Don’t spend a fortune and be prepared to remove them if your next tenant happens to have different taste.

    Wallpaper is on trend but professional decorators usually charge quite a bit extra to hang it so find out what it will cost before you buy any. We don’t recommend it in heavy use areas, like hallways, although it can wear well in living rooms and bedrooms.


    Blinds look neater than curtains, but they don’t tend to be as durable. Also, if you have old, draughty windows, curtains will provide more insulation, especially if lined. Plus, they’re easier to clean.

    Once again, stick to neutral colours and avoid heavy patterns – they might look stunning now but will date quickly.

    Go for quality and robust fixtures and fittings.

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