• Tax increases to hit both landlords and tenants

    Research from the National Landlords Association reveals that one in five landlords is planning to sell some or all of their properties following recent tax changes. They say the changes mean that tenants, as well as landlords, will pay more than their fair share of tax as a result….more
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    New ‘find a pexels-photo-267885housemate’ tool for students

    Students who secured a university place through clearing might struggle to find accommodation as many university halls will already be full, but this tool has been designed to help first year’s buddy up to find private rooms..more


    car-1882691_1920-2Landlord fined whopping £16K after tenant plays loud music

    Even though the landlord claimed never to have actually lived at the property, he was ordered to pay a £10K fine and £6K in costs to the local council…more

  • houses-drop-in-3Property prices fall for first time in 5 years

    Does this mean that property is no longer a good investment, or is now the best time for landlords to buy …more..

  • Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 15.16.20A landlord who let flats in an illegal extension landed with £235K bill

    She was ordered to pay a £222,000 confiscation order within 3 months, fined £2,000 for building the extension without permission and landed with a further bill for more than £11,000 costs….more…

  • rubber-duck-bath-duck-toys-costume-106144Tenants get new powers to claim rent refunds

    A new law, which comes into effect today, will make it easier for tenants to get rent refunds from landlords, so get your ducks in a row if you want to avoid a claim ….more..

  • airbnb_vertical_lockup_webMPs call for crackdown on landlords offering Airbnb

    Ten MPs are calling for London landlords to be forced to notify councils of the dates their properties are available for short-term lets to avoid them breaking a 90-day rule, which only applies to the capital...more..

  • pexels-photoRents in the capital fall by average of almost 5%

    And they’re likely to rise faster in the north this year than in the south of England, says Countrywide..more..

  • Is your rental property eligible for a free boiler or storage heater replacement?

    chair-1533790__340If not, you or your tenants could still save money by switching to a more affordable energy supplier.

  • Landlord accepted £40K of whisky in lieu of rent…

    Unfortunately for him, the rare malt was stolen and police managed to sniff out the bottles, which were hidden in his loft…more...

  • 10 Worst places for tenant evictions

    See where landlords are most (and least) likely to have to call in the bailiffs..more..

  • London’s cheapest, and most expensive, places to rent

    Rents have fallen (slightly) but there are still few places where you can rent a room in the capital for less than £600 a month.…more..

  • Manchester considers banning To Let boards

    The city council argues the boards are an eyesore and a safety risk because they let burglars know when properties are empty…more

  • Happiest region for renters revealed

    A letting agent has carried out a survey to find out where letting agents are most happy – and where they are the least…more


  • 10 Best (and worst) postcodes for buy-to-let

    This report claims to reveal the areas in the UK where landlords will get the best (and worst) overall return on their investment…more

  • Cost of renting in London falls year on year

    A flood of new homes to rent combined with uncertainty surrounding Brexit sparked a drop in rents in the capital in the last quarter of last year, according to one London agency  …more