• Fewer landlords plan to sell as tenant demand grows

    The proportion of landlords intending to sell their BTL properties due to higher taxes being levied by the government from April has fallen, according to latest statistics….more…

    Which areas are worst for tenant evictions?

    London had more landlord repossessions per household than any city last year, but which of the capital’s boroughs were the worst? …more…


    Forme61 Gun Place 12r letting agent exposes the lies

    Paul Rowland tells us the tricks letting agents use to squeeze more cash out of unsuspecting landlords…more…

    hnb-logo-clean-bwRight to Rent ‘is racist’

    A campaign group claims that forcing landlords to check that tenants have a right to live in the UK has caused discrimination against immigrants..more

    Tenant conned out of £1,600

    An Aibnb guest allegedly posed as the property owner to persuade a tenant to hand over the cash to rent the flat in southeast London…more

    Tenants passports ‘could replace credit check’

    Right to Rent is looming, what does it mean for landlords?

    Could passports replace credit checks?

    Details of up to 10 million renters would be held by local authorities under a proposal by RICS….more

    Is your rental property adequately insured? If not, you risk losing out financially if the tenant has an accident or your property is badly damaged. Find out how little peace of mind costs.

  • Annual house price inflation slows

    Latest figures from one of the largest lenders show that prices rose just 0.2% last month…more...

    Rogue landlords

    London council carries out raids on rented homes

    Landlords are being prosecuted for cramped and unsafe living conditions  ….more

    Increase your rental yield

    Increase your rental yield

    Where to get the best rental yields

    You’ll need to head north, my friends, if you want a good income from your investment, according to this latest survey….more…

    No rent?

    BTL lender announces ‘high street beating rate’

    As well as cutting interest rates, the lender has raised its maximum age for borrowers from 75 to 80…more..

    Airbnb to limit London landlords

    Airbnb to limit London lets

    Airbnb to limit London lets

    The website says it will make sure that properties in the capital aren’t let for more than 90 days a year to comply with a by-law…. more …

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